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Security Services

Blue- Nite Protection Agency’s services are tailored specifically to the individual need of each client.  I believe in the personal touch and we exist to serve our client’s every need.  How we get the job done is as important as getting the job done.

Protective Services

Blue- Nite Protection Agency provides either uniformed or plain clothes Off- Duty and Retired Police Officers for specialized assignments regarding all protective services details.  Our Law Enforcement Officers, (LEO’s) are specially trained in all aspects of the law, close quarter combat, weapons/ firearms, and are CPR certified.  Our LEO’s shall protect our clients from any presented threat.  Our LEO’s maintain a discreet and low profile service to ensure the client in question can continue their day-to-day lives with as few distractions and restrictions as possible.  Blue- Nite Protection Agency will have communication and will coordinate with local Law Enforcement Agencies when assigned to Executive Protection Detail and shall always inform them of any potential threats.

Blue- Nite Protection Agency also provides specially trained security officers for regular security services, this includes Armed and Unarmed Officers. 

Security Consulting

Security Consulting is a service that Blue- Nite Protection Agency provides and includes such things as Risk Assessment and Evaluation before contracting our services.  This is an included service, if hired by client. 

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